Hand Drawn Type

I was advised by my supervisor to create hand drawn type on my map for the title and a section of information on each building. I love that it is hand drawn because it has a more personal touch to it and in my opinion there is a more illustrated touch to  it. This is why I want to do hand drawn type and to have the title simple but lovely and the information too. I want to have the type light and just in black pen no colours as there is enough colours in the map and then the type will be overseen. I also want it to look slightly vintage and clean.

Here are some typography images I found that I found inspiring:

Some of my own sketches of typography:

The title would be “Walled City Map”








The other main part that I have to look at is the roofs. The map shows a great amount of roofs and in my coloured design I have left out the colour of the roofs as I think if they are coloured wrong it can mess up the map. I am still not confident on what colour to colour the roofs or what texture to use. But my first step was looking at previous  done rooftops, here are my findings, they are mainly buildings from city ville and looking at the texture and colour on the roofs. I love the colour and texture used on these roofs and would love if my roofs would look even slightly as professionally.

Here are some images of roof top textures as well. I could also use these as texture filters and also colour references. However like the windows I many not go into this much detail with my building roof tops as there are loads and too much of this might look too messy. But I will defiantly try.

Here are some of my sketches of roofs:


So this is one of the main areas I have to look at fr my buildings there are loads of windows on my map and I’m not sure if I am going to do much detail on the windows as they are very small and it might be too busy looking. But to be sure I researched some windows anyway and found a collection of really lovely illustrated windows done for new York  There is a lot of shading done on these but they are also very simplistic. If I was to do more detail in the windows even in the photo shop file I would possibly do my windows like this. Depending on time as well though.

The colours are lovely and they each are individually designed beautifully. This is something I would love my buildings to look like but only if it wouldn’t make my map to messy. The windows are very small on my map and I may have to avoid doing this detail all together but for researching and design thoughts I had to do this. I have also included a image of a full glass building that was taken from city ville I included this as there are some glass areas to my map, e.g. over the door of the Richmond centre and this would help with colouring.

Here are some sketches of my own of windows, the first image of simple windows with not much frames work and the second is greatly inspired by the research windows.

Cars and Pavements

There are quite a few car parks in the old city and in my map there are also some cars. I want to add cars to the map to make it more interesting and add a bit of character to the map. It is like a maze and the small details make everything. That is why I’m looking at cars. I’m not sure what cars to do, isometric or realistic. The cars I have sketches are hand drawn but also very square and boxed.

Here are my research images:

I like the realistic illustration cars but also the simple box cars are very much like my own sketch of car on my map.

Here are my sketches:








Just two images of illustrator pavements. The pavements cant been seen very much on my map, very little actually and I wont know until I have my scan of my map in photo shop to see how close I can get to it to change it.




As my map is all buildings I have decided to take a look at some illustrated trees. There isn’t that much more in my map apart from buildings  however there are:

  • Trees
  • Cars
  • Pavements
  • Roofs
  • Windows

As this is only a few I want to go into each find some research and do some sketches on them the main ones are the roofs and windows as these are what is on the buildings. I will try to find various styles and sketch a few, but only very little. This will show that I have looked at every aspect of my map


I have researched some vector, and illustrated trees to see if any would be of interest or inspire me for the trees in my own map. The trees I have drawn are sketchy and there wasn’t much thought put into them when I drew them so hopefully this will let me get a nicer tree/bushes for my map.

There are many different style I have tagged them as to what they are. My favourite ones are the first three, realistic but still colourful. My most inspired one is the first one. It has the right colour, the trunk can be seen but it isn’t too vector, or isometric or realistic. I may not have this much detail in my trees as they are very small on the map and some can not be seen but the colouring is perfect. So I would use it as a reference image when colouring my trees.

Here are some sketches I did of trees for my map:

A Few Thoughts


When looking though the internet I cam across a lovely city illustration of outline buildings, I thought it was lovely and would love to do something like this if I had more time even just taking all the buildings in the old city and adding them together like this would be lovely. I know my sketches are properly coloured but eh ones I sketched out haven’t been. Just a lovely piece I think.

Another outline design I found was on London, I took four or five of the main landmarks and using only the outlines added them together to create a lovely illustration. I know this is done so many times but it is very simple and lovely and the backdrop is perfect.

This next one was just done totally in pen, like my own and only the green roof top of this nearest building was coloured. I don’t know why but this is lovely there is some much detail in the buildings but the only colour is the top of the building and it still doesn’t take away for the rest of the image. The view angle is perfect too I would have liked to do something like this for my own map at some stage in the future too. Minimum colour but with pen outline the pen outline is much more sketchy then mine but I think that gives this piece character.

This image was very simply done and it is to do with a city and building and Isometric. I it a sketch on drawing a corner of a street on isometric. I would love if some of my buildings came with this detail but my map is about simplicity. My map may not seem like isometric as well as I drew it from a original and trying to draw it in isometric would take a long time but it isn’t far off and iv tried to keep the buildings square.

With my map all the buildings are very small and to get this much detail onto the smaller buildings might make my map allot busy, or messy.