Visual Diary

Here are some images of my visual diary, I know I should have had images of this up ages ago. But have been busy. This has been a major help to me and I loved creating it. Anything that inspires me, I like or has something to do with my major project I have included into my book and added some notes and sketches. I helps me to write my blog as I put my images in it first and then it helps me to know what to post. It really is like a diary, when have thought I write about it in my visual diary and add the images so I am personally writing and referencing to the image. I do allot of that on my blog, properly more in depth but I would love to have my diary full of images, writing and sketches. I have included allot more pages since these photos were taking but I don’t think I will have time to post images as it is like a after thought.


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My aims are to create fun, attractive  and interesting map and paper toys for children. Based on the city Derry/Londonderry. My personal aim for my part is to create graphical, eye-catching map of the city and incorporate augmented reality to interest the children.