Augmented in Action

Here are the images of my augmented in action however I cant get them to sit up right.. It is just a small change but I cant get it right at this time and before my hand In. I didn’t get my poster in showing my augmented in action but I have it done and this is it. I hope this can still count as it is a major part. I am also going to fix the way they sit and add the other three.

These are just the photos I am going to put up in detail how I did it.

The Three Augmented Buildings


There is a missing texture on the platform but I am going to fix this for next week. I know it means I may have to texture these again but will see what happens. I really liked how they turned out. They are small, cute and colourfull. They may need more detail on the texture or the building but I think they turned out great. I didn’t have any difficulty with the augmented apart from the rotation of the models but I think I have them right and there facing the right direction. I have kept them small as I don’t want them to over take the map illustration. The models are brighter then they are in these photos.

I would love to work on these more in detail before the show to get the models perfect and to add some animation to the models. I think It would look good but As they are just buildings I didn’t want them to do much as I didn’t have the time to create animations.


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