Augmented Buildings Models

I only got time to create three of the six buildings but I will be creating the rest for Wednesday, Vivas. I am quite happy with the way they turned out as they are cute and correspond to the colour of my buildings on the map and Genevieve’s paper character buildings.

For my Buildings I have to remember that:

  • Poly count between 1000 – 2000
  • No shadows
  • Have to bake Lighting
  • obj Static AR
  • MD2 Animated AR

Final Augmented Buildings

Tower Museum

This is the checker unwrap to see how my texture will look once I apply my own texture.

Unwrap Texture

Here are the unwrap experiments I did for the tower museum. There is 3 different types all the same keeping the brick illustrations I did in my sketches and for my final designs. In the textures the  texture layer on the main buildings have different brick textures.

Unwrap to Model

Here are the unwraps on the model.  I didn’t know what type of texture to apply, paper, or bricks. I have finalised on brick texture.

My Final Tower Museum Model

Heritage Tower

Here is the unwrap for the Heritage Tower. I have kept it red as it is red in my map and Genevieve’s Heritage Tower character is also red. There is green bricks and a brick texture filter. To create a more textured buildings and fun and eye catching. It also has the brick textures so that it is the same as the other buildings.

Unwrap for Ground 

This is the same used in all the Models. I wanted the buildings to sit on a small platform rather then nothing as the illustrated map would be seen below the AR. This would take away from the model as you would be distracted, this is why I have created this small platform under each building.

Final Heritage Tower Model

Millennium Form

This is the third building I created. Pink and purple colour scheme. Square shaped and small like the previous buildings. I have also included the  ground platform. Below is the unwrap for the millennium form. There is slight brick textures included but for the main round circular building I added a sandstone texture.

Unwrap to Model

I think I may need to add more texture details to the buildings but that depends on the time I have left.


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