Promotional Kids Packages

Here are some Promotional children packages that I have found on Pinterest. I love the colours used,the packaging and all the small parts involved in the folder. This will help me in my final processes. As a extra I want to do this, it is my initial idea to have a folder were my map and Genevieve paper toys can all be place in for the children as in my mind it is a main part. But due to time and how far I get on with my map, will depend on if I can create a folder. It may not be as complicated or decorated as these but similar packaging. This is were me and Genevieve work together and combine our task to this one final project.


Children’s promotional packages

Mega Kids Club

I started looking at children promotional packages that i was interested in. I came across a “Mega Kids Club corporate identity” it is a Russian Club that allows kids to rest while their parents are out shopping. There identity is a pile of things that kids love.


They also provide piles for any purse or printing solution:



The Club also has a corporate character—a box for playing around

They provide flyers and invitation cards

Images of there corporate brochure

Other children corporate identity’s:

Doodle Kids Art

Health Planet