Aw its been ages since I have been blogging and I used to do it everyday. Iv just been so busy working and doing practical work and sketches that my blog has been a last thought. I have been doing sketches and illustrator. It been a very stressful few weeks but also productive at times I think. I have to now upload everything Iv done to sort my head out, because once I can do that then I can get back on track on blogging and doing the practical work.



From my presentation meeting I had decided to do a more digital, interactive approach to the package. We have also decided to make it a children’s promotional package for kids that come to visit Derry/Londonderry city. We have seen that there isn’t that much stuff, information that would attract children to the city or get them involved in it more. So this package is for kids so that they are more involved and become more interested in the city. We hope to do this by illustrations and graphical images as well as a simple character identity for the city. In some way it can be thought of as a semi heading for the city of culture but for kids.

There would now be two clear paths that me and Genevieve will be doing to have it more children based and that children would become interested. From our original idea it was a promotional package with a welcome page, magnet, branding of identity character on pen/pencil and a graphical illustrated map. This would be what I would create for this project and Genevieve would create a short, 2D animation video of the city including the identity character which we would create and a 3d model of a paper toy form of the character. After our presentation there were certain areas that were more interesting then the rest. As we had two different presentations my presentation was on what I was going to create. The map was a main area that had potential for a major project as the rest was possibly not as difficult. From this I decided to do Augmented reality. A augmented reality kids map precise for the children. This would allow me to do some more digital and something that hasn’t been done before and to set it apart from other maps already created for the city.

My Idea would also include an augmented reality character as we still want this character to be apart of our package, as I find children are intrigued, interested in characters and this is what could interest them in the folder. There would still be a folder but only a map, which includes AR were the tourist buildings would appear, an A5 marker for the character which would become the new additional welcome page, the paper toy and a cd, dvd of the video.

In Genevieves section of the project i think there is some slight changes to it as well as the paper toy of the character for children was such a interest that possibly paper toys of the buildings could also be created that the children could collect. The video could also be changed on how that buildings form into the paper toys.

Designing for Children

When designing for children I have to consider making designs that are for children but that it also doesn’t alienate adults. Children recognize colours and become attracted or interested in them.

“A logo for a children’s program,activity or product potentially carries a lot of clout” (Designing fro children)

Some children’s packs:


Children and augmented reality:

Augmented reality app translates newspaper articles for children

Lego Augmented Reality


Major Project Brief

For my Final Major project I have decided to do a joint project with my sister Genevieve to design a visual and graphic corporate identity for City of Culture Derry/Londonderry through creating:

  • Character identity
  • Package Folder containing
  1. Welcome page
  2. Pen, Pencil
  3. Booklet of phtographic attractions
  4. Paper toy stencil of character identity
  • Illustrated, graphical  map
  • Short Animtion promotional video.

Merging strategy, culture, and connections to present a memorable personality to tourists and visitors.

It is a 12 week project from now till May. We decided to write our own brief as neither of us were that interested in the ones that were giving but we both had similar ideas to what we wanted to achieve in our final project. So from reading previous briefs we noticed that working in groups was possible but to have clear, individual tasks to do in the project.

As I am not quite sure in what ‘design area’ I would like to work after I graduate, I decided to create a wide range portfolio, which enables me to do various practices of design. After completing some research we had decided to create a Corporate Identity for Derry, London Derry as we discovered that there are many attractions to the city but many times on a one day trip to the city there isn’t much creative, eye catching souvenirs for the visitors. We want to create this as well as a having a character as our main identity which we would be able to create a short animation sting/ ident for advertising him/her.

An identity character known, as ‘Danny boy’ will portray the visual identity for Derry/Londonderry. The memorabilia pack aimed at tourists and visitors will consist of a map, brochure/leaflet, stationary, business section and a DIY paper toy of Danny Boy’. All products will be branded with the Danny boy identity. A promotional short video will be created consisting of a 2d form of ‘Danny boy’ in the city of Derry/Londonderry.

We want to produce this package to promote Derry, London Derry city for its culture, history, scenic beauty, people and music to the world through this window of opportunity when people from over the world will come to visit the U.K City of Culture 2013.

The final outcomes will be the memorabilia pack folder, map, brochure/leaflet, some stationary designs and a promotional animated short video. 3D character identity and a 3d prototype of the character. These would be divided between both of us, as there is a lot of work to do and not that long to do it for just one person. The video and 3d character would possible be designed by one person and the graphic designs by the other. The designs are to be colourful and illustrated to add a creative welcome to the city and be more appealing to all ages.

I am really looking forward to this project as it is interesting to have a wide range of mixed media available which I wanted and to work as a group so planning and time keeping is important. It is also something that I have wanted to concentrate on Illustration and small amounts of 3d.

I have researched some corporate identity s that I was interested in and liked the context and the layout of some but also the bold and illustrations used. I really like this first image as the colours are so bold but that it can also be calmed down when needed on certain parts or stationary.

image as the colours are so bold but that it can also be calmed down when needed on certain parts or stationary.

I have also looked at illustrated cities:

Illustration Maps: These are just a few interesting maps but this is in some way the idea for our map, for it to be more interesting and appealing even to the younger audiences  It would be done from taking a normal map and marking all the attractions and then drawing our own illustrations.

Characters, although it is early stages yet of the brief the character is the main part and have some ideas that will hopefully get up soon. It has to be however a simple character that can be used as a identity and not look too cluttered on stationary or leaflets but also can be recognizable as what it is meant to be such as if in all black can it be identified  I also want it to be cute and appealing as it will be more easier to create it in a short video and in 3d . The Video would not be done all in an animation possibly but interacting a 2d character into the real world and using clever editing to make it seem as if the character is moving but it is images. There is many Ideas for this too that I will hopefully up load. However below I have uploaded images of illustrations or characters that I think are inspiring but may be a bit to detailed in some.

I really like the second from the bottom image of the girl with snail, there is just something about it that it very appealing, although our character would not be this detailed it would be nice to have  a modelled image of our character and in a nice scene to have as a Portfolio piece. But can only see when that time comes.

I should say that once me and Genevieve have decided on what parts we are doing, my blog will consist of only what I have done/part  to avoid confusions but a final design from the other person would have to be displayed if doing the video or 3d image.

Promotional Video inspirations